Our Process

Color Choice

Our services are offered at your convenience, if you are unsure of a color choice we are here to help!

With our skills and experience, our team is sure to assist you in every step of your project.

We work with many stone suppliers and are positive that we can find the perfect color for you. 


We provide our clients with a free consultation, evaluation and estimate!

Once we have a layout we will get back to you with an estimate within 24 hours.

If you don't have a layout we can have our Templator come down to take rough measurements.


With our Laser we are able to shoot a template with an accurate outcome.

This allows us to send the measurements directly to our fabrication team in a timely manner.

We will set up a template time that works best for you.


Once our fabrication team has received the template they will program the layout and send it off for fabrication. 

Our 5-Axis CNC elevates the value of a CNC saw by coring holes, cutting radius curves, incremental routing, mitering, and automatically cutting a variety of predefined shapes.

All Materials are inspected by our fabrication team before and after fabrication. 


Here is where the Laser Templating and 5-Axis CNC comes together making your countertops fit like a glove.

We guarantee that the area in which we are installing will be as clean as it was before our crew arrives.